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Miss Brooks wrote: Sticky Triangles.
It may have been an extremely warm day but we still managed to find a cool spot to work on an interesting maths investigation.  (More)
Miss Brooks wrote: Kumbh Mela. 
The Kumbh Mela is the largest gathering of people on Earth. The origin of this festival is described through the Hindu myth, Churning of the Ocean of Milk. Year 6 have learnt this story and created their own clay pinch pot to hold an elixir that has (More)
Miss Brooks wrote: Fantastic Formal Letters.
Formal letters have been written by every child in Year 6 to Mr Clark. Look at the beautiful handwriting. The children had noticed a few issues around our school that they felt needed addressing. Everyone was very excited to read Mr Clark's reply thi (More)
Year 6 had a fantastic day at Lincoln Cathedral. Our guide told us all about the history of the building and how the cathedral  is used today. We even came away with some fossils found in the limestone. The children spotted the Lincoln Imp and n (More)
Miss Brooks wrote: Kwik Cricket
Year 6 have been practising their cricket skills this morning, ready for their competition next week. They will be playing against other local schools at London Road, next Thursday. They have demonstrated some good batting, fielding and bowling skill (More)
Miss Brooks wrote: Darwin's Delights.
It was very exciting in Year 6 today, as we launched our new topic for the Summer Term. The children investigated a variety of live and not live animal species (just like Charles Darwin did). They did observational drawings and wrote questions that t (More)
This week, in science, Year 6 are investigating this question. Before they can do this, the children needed to find the best worm charming technique. The winning group managed to find 23 by using water and then stomping with their feet. Classificatio (More)
Miss Brooks wrote: Guess what?
It's World Book Day and we are having so much fun. (More)
The children have a limited amount of letters. How many words can they make with s and c in to make the sound s?  (More)
What a brilliant day spent learning all about animal adaptation. Our favourite animal was obviously the polar bear. We have already learnt so much about the Arctic through our topic this term. It was amazing to go and see a real one. One child even g (More)