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6abenis wrote: Always Under Cover.
Chapter 1 A Journalist's Diary. This is a diary. It belongs to me. I'm not telling who 'me' is. I promise that there is nothing soppy in here. If for some reason 'me' has trusted you to read the secrets in this book, DO NOT  tell anyone what (More)
6luciad wrote: The Big Mistake
As I was strolling hastily down the squelchy path I suddenly came to a stop.Finally there I was in front of the big wood I had been looking for it for days. I quickly rushed of into the wood it was coming dark already although I could not get angry b (More)
6ellab wrote: The Magic Sweet Tree
This is a story of how I found the magic sweet tree.Now I found the tree a lond time ago but it was still the best thing I ever did lots of people find the magic sweet tree.But I found it one day and only a certain few people find it. This is how (More)
6luciad wrote: Hello
As everyone crowded around the new playground fight, Lily rushed off hastily to her brand new school. In every school she had been to there always was little groups of friends all huddled together staring like a herd of sheep besides she always seeme (More)
6luciad wrote: The Creepy Calendar
Lizzy woke up happy and captivated for it was the first of December,she was so charmed to open her Christmas calendar that Lizzy scrambled out of her room down the stairs and past the towering Christmas tree.Besides it was still rather dark,but she d (More)
Hi we are on a train Yes and it is so quit and lovely... But that's sad so i made lots of noise and got us kicked of Great wasn't it Yes it was So now were are waiting for a bus and it is so unfair and we are not even eight blocks away (More)
Big news! We are officially breaking the rules, can I just say that it was her idea, not mine, I don't want to but no, I have to because otherwise she'll force me to do the switch and lose another competition. Hey hey, get over it it was one (More)
6spencerm wrote: The Strange Man
chapter one One night I was walking around the hotel. When I found some sweets on the ground, I thought it was quite mysterious,so I quickly checked  around me to see if anyone was there, then I put them in my bucket.  I was leaving and s (More)
WE ARE BACK! So we know we're, back and what is the point of telling ourselves? Anyway, today I when in to Lily-Anna's chess class for her, Without my permission. And  I did not know there was a competition but lukily I am great at co (More)
Under Road Bridge, the same old place, every morning wake up same rotten and same boring life with my twin! Hey! Actually, I love it here! What's not to love about a traditional mermaid village where everything is nice and calm. No your right, it (More)