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Blindfolds, assault courses and drainpipes - we have been developing teamwork skills on a variety of challenging tasks!  (More)
Mr Spendlow wrote: Dance!
Our dancing skills are improving even more rapidly as we have mastered many difficult routines. Here are some action shots to demonstrate just how skilled we are!  (More)
Mr Spendlow wrote: Dance!
There is nothing quite as exhausting as Mr Spendlow's dance on a Friday afternoon!  (More)
Miss Brooks wrote: We love PE.
Today was our first Zorb Football lesson and it was great fun! ​​ (More)
Miss Gibbons wrote: Dance
On Friday we had our first dance session with Miss Jackson and Mr Marshall. We built upon the skills that we learnt last term in Gymnastics and applied these to our dance.  (More)
Miss Gibbons wrote: Rocking and Rolling
In our Gymnastics session with Mr Marshall the children worked on different rolls. Here they are practising.  (More)