Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Spending 2015/16

There is £39,000 allocated to Pupil Premium this year.

£7,500 – additional teacher support for KS2 from the summer term to December 2015.

£500 – additional TA support for early years during the summer term.

£3,200 – additional HLTA support for Y6 for group work for identified pupils.

£342 – providing milk for pupils.

£3,200 – teacher to provide support for mathematics. This is for pupils needing to catch up and for providing additional challenge to pupils who are able mathematicians.

£723 – mathematics resources and catch-up programmes for early years and KS1.

£362 – catch up literacy resources for KS2

£167 – resources to support emotional/social needs

£108 – 1:1 support for emotional needs*

£659 – 10 hours TA time for nursery pupils*

£659 – 10 hours TA support (from a trained TA) for reception pupils identified as needing “talking time” work.*

Items marked as * are for Term 1 only and provision is to be reviewed at the end of the term. If this is effective it will be continued for the year.

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