What the children are saying...

“There is more to do now instead of just writing things down all of the time. It’s an experience and we even went to the Post Office. All of the classrooms are different and everywhere is fun.”

– Year 3 Pupils

“Our topic is exciting, interesting and an experience that other schools and children don’t get to learn about. School is amazing and I want to stay here forever. Learning is now harder and different but it is much more enjoyable. I am being pushed to the limit and it’s exciting.”

– Year 5 Pupils

“School is really fun and interesting. We are doing lots of research and learning about things we never knew about. I am excited about coming into school in the morning to learn about the topic.”

– Year 6 Pupils

“It’s great doing everything through one topic. I love designing and making things. It all links to different lessons such as: art, Maths, English and Science.”

– Year 4 Pupils